Sexting! The new Polaroids!

That is right 40 something year olds we know about that box of Polaroids from your past. So how do Polaroids play a role in sexting today you may ask. Well sexting today is thought to be a new idea, but when you think about it it really isn’t. Its biology and something that is a natural part of life and sexual exploration. In the article Why Kids Sext by Hanna Rosin we learn that “Surveys on sexting have found pretty consistently that among kids in their upper teens, about a third have sexted, making the practice neither “universal” nor “vanishingly rare,””. This statistic may surprise you. Some of you may think that is incredibly high while others might think that it is much lower then you expected. Why is this? Why is it that the same statistical number can have such a different meaning? I believe it has to do with a generation gap. While sexting isn’t really a new concept, the invention of mobile phones and other electronic devises have made it easier and easier to participate it. The saddest part about this generation gap isn’t just how different we think, but how it influences our laws. Our laws about sexting in regards to teenagers are horribly outdated. In may sates they fall under child pornography which means that if you are 17 and take a naked photo of yourself and send it to your significant other you could be charged with up to four felonies. The blog YurDamnWright says it best when she says “The current protocol involves the identification of individuals as minors but prosecuting them as adults involved in child-pornography.”. There is something insane about this logic. You are to young therefore you can’t do this but because you did this we will charge you for a crime as if you are an adult. It seems that the general conses in regards to laws is to make it illegal. I say this because even states that do have laws specifically about sexting still make it illegal. So the question becomes should it be illegal? Clearly there are parts that should be illegal such as posting these photos online, but what about sending it to a significant other? Should this be a crime? Or is it a healthy part of growing up?

Here is a video about the Dangers of  sexting


4 thoughts on “Sexting! The new Polaroids!

  1. Like you said there’s varying degrees of severity when it comes to sexting. Consensual sexting between members of a relationship shouldn’t be a problem especially if they keep it all private and don’t spread the pictures. The problem occurs when people try to create databases of sext messages like in the article or Jack’s high school. Then a hostile environment can be created for people that don’t even know whats going on.


  2. Nowadays, sexting is sometimes severely punished but how was it punished 40 years ago with actual Polaroids? Were minors actually locked up for child pornography or was it usually just a warning? It seems like laws have increasingly become more severe with the advent of social media and faster technology. This can lead to greater consequences but seems like overkill when it comes to a consensual agreement.


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